Helping Others and the self esteem

One of the best ways to improve your self esteem and self worth is by helping others. 

Many people with low self esteem hurt others. They hurt others because it helps them raise their own self esteem by showing other people less successful than themselves. Watching other people suffer makes them feel good that they are not the only ones suffering and shows there others who suffer more. This strategy of raising their own self esteem is temporary and addictive causing them to want to hurt more people.

Instead, let's try another strategy. Helping others changes your own self image from one who seeks pleasure at other people's expense to one who is respected for helping others. Society will respect you more and in return, you will end up respecting and appreciating society more.

1.Help others without cost

Many people ask for donation. I do not believe in free lunches and for every dollar I donate, is dollar less for me to spend. So I do not donate money, but I am more than happy to pay deserving people for their work and services. Now, there are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Seeing a hungry unwanted baby crying for milk is clearly an exception. Babies cannot work or defend themselves. So in that case, I am more than happy to donate food or the cost of food.

2. Help others without risk.

There is no need to risk your life to help others. It is too dangerous and best left for somebody more competent.

3. Help others without expecting anything in return.

Helping others does not mean they will help you back. Helping others is to establish a community of kind and respect for everyone to live in dignity. 

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