How to be a leader

The truth is you already are a leader. You are the expert of being you. Nobody is better at being you than you. Knowing how to be the best you is what gives you an advantage over others. There is no need to dress like Mystery and no human does. There is no need to act like Styles because if she wanted to date Mystery or Styles, she would and she wouldn't be dating you.

So when a female wants to date you, it is because she wants to date you. So knowing how to be the best you and show the best you is what will attract her to you. 

The question becomes are you learning to be the best you or are you learning to be somebody else. If you are learning to be somebody else, you will lose. She would rather date somebody else. If you are reading these articles to learn to be truly you, then you are heading in the right direction. Be proud of who you are. Show it with enthusiasm and higher energy level. If you are not proud of being you, than who would want to be with you. No one else can be you and if they try, it's a compliment. Have fun being you. You only have one moment in time to be you. Why waste it on trying to be anybody else. What makes you different from others? Perhaps, you can stand out by wearing something like a necklace that uniquely represents you or has personal meaning. It would be a great conversation as if it is unique, she will ask. What kind of fun is she going to have if she is going to be with you? Perhaps you should talk about your interest and how much you enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the more she will be interested in doing it with you. Perhaps, you can also talk about your personal history, your unique upbringing and adventures in life. Everyone has made interesting discoveries, overcome odds and been amused. Everyone has a story. If she is not as interested, then simply move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Practice makes perfect. Learn how to make your life more interesting and exciting.

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