How to be a Natural

There are those who have to learn to seduce and then, there are those who are born with it. Technically, the ones who are born it only means they never have to learn it. Who are the ones that do not need to taught? The best examples are probably gay men. Not all gay men, but there are some who simply get all the girls. They have no sexual desire for females. Yet, females keep asking them out, not even realizing they have no interest. Why? Because they 

Have genuine compassion for women.

A genuine compassion allows anyone to be a natural without being taught.

Take for example, babies. Their little faces and bodies, innocent big eyes causes humans to have a natural desire to want to care for them. This natural display of affection is not taught and we have a natural ability to build rapport with babies, especially our own just because we have a genuine compassion for them. Just looking at babies makes us happy. We expect nothing in return from babies because they really cannot give anything in return. Yet, their happiness is what makes us happy. We don't mind getting rejected by babies and we can be persistent in finding ways to make them happy. If one baby rejects us, we don't take it personally and we still wish the baby well. We can naturally make another attempt with another baby without feeling like a failure or loser.

If we apply the same compassion and state of mind for women, it would be much easier to talk to them with positive, emotional energy. 

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