How to be light hearted

If she were to ask, what kind of car you drive, you can say a plain old car or you can say a spaceship. A plain old car is probably the more honest answer, but remember, there is no need to be so serious. A spaceship is the more fun, light hearted answer.

In life, we all know the truth. We drive similar cars. We all have a place to live and we all go to work. Well, in general, most us. This daily routine is boring and not necessary to reveal. Women who are interested in who you are, are already interested in you. So your first step is to get her interested in you. It would be much more interesting, talking about something less honest, but funnier to believe so as long as she is aware of the light hearted humour in it.

So rather than talk your office desk job, talk about your side job like travelling blog job, gambling career, investment job, garbage collection job or just say you are the Royalty of Cambodia.

Rather than talk about your ordinary looking car, you can talk about your horse, plane, helicopter, chariot.

Rather talk about your plain ordinary house, talk about your old ghostly haunted house, your castle or your cave.

In flirting, the purpose of talking is not to be seriously honest and reveal unnecessary, boring information. You may talk about anything, exaggerate it a bit, display positive emotions and have a fun time. She will forgive you as long as you are both aware you just having fun light hearted conversation stimulating each other's imagination. 

If you know how she will responds and you say things that elicits positive responses, she will like you more because you understand her more than she does. If you are oblivious to how she responds and says things that she dislikes just to be honest, she will not like you.

Bottom line: When it comes to flirting, be imaginative and see how life can be.

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