Ignorant, Oblivious Disorder

There is no scientific labelling for this, but this type of personality exist and everyone ran across them at some point in their lives.

I am referring to the unhygienic people who is oblivious to society's expectations for clean and sanitary living standards. These are the people that do not shower. They do not think they smell. They do not keep themselves neat and clean because they do not care what others think. Perhaps they do not even cut their hair or shave because it saves them time and money. They are intentionally oblivious to their surroundings because they simply do not care. Perhaps, they play videos games all day and night. Perhaps, they think and dream about being elsewhere. Perhaps, they have given up on society because society has given up on them. For whatever reason, they simply are not living up to society's expectations and standards of cleanliness.

If this is you, then no amount of understanding in seduction can help you. You need to keep clean and smell healthy. 

If you do shower because you believe you not smell, then the truth is, you cannot smell yourself. No one can. Your sense of smell naturally adapts and will ignore your own smell.

General Rule: Shower at least once a day right after you come home. Even better, remove all outside clothes from yourself. That prevents outside dirt from roaming your house or bed. Keeping a clean bed is very important as you sleep on it most of your life. If you are going out, it is also a good idea to shower before going out. Showering, like all cleanliness is about frequency over quality. That is, shower frequently to stay clean, but showering more thoroughly or longer will not make you much cleaner. 

Don't have long or dirty finger nails. Women do not like to be touched by men who do not keep their fingers groomed.

Your clothes should be clean and fitting for the environment. That is, don't wear a suit and tie to night club. You should be unique and wear something that makes you stand out like a necklace or bracelet.

If you have fizzy, dry hair like I do, add a conditioner to keep it soft and bright. E-mail me for more information.

If you have bad breath problem like I do, you need to fix this. Go to a specialist. Do not bother going to your family doctor or dentist. They do not know unless if that is their specialty. Email me for assistance. It is an easy fix and essential.

If you have rough, dry skin, people can feel it. I can feel it when I touch females who has rough, dry hands and it is a turn off. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy.

The above criteria can be done by anybody and they are showstoppers. It is hard to be turned on by a guy with bad breath or smells. Overall, this appears to be a lot of work. But it should only take an average of 15 minutes for men to groom. If you are spending any more time, than you are doing something wrong. Email me if this is the case.

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