Chump: Indecisiveness

Perhaps, the biggest turn off for women is indecisiveness.

If a female were to ask you what you to do today and you respond with "I don't know." That would cause her to wonder why she is even spending time with you. She would end having to mother you and make the decisions. Your answer should always provide direction and suggestions.

If you were to start a conversation with a female, do not wait for her to pick a topic. You need to pick a topic and begin talking a about it. Waiting for her to take the active role prevents her from being immerse in the seduction process and causes her to feel she needs to mother you.

Indecisiveness means you do not have direction and if you do not have direction, then she is unconsciously wondering why she is interacting with you.

Bottom line:

Always provide direction and suggestions to move the relationship. Otherwise, since women do not take risk, she would rather be with somebody who makes bad choices.

Know what you want. 

Have a sense of purpose as to why you are and why she is there with you and how you and her can have a wonderful time together.

Direction equals confidence.

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