It is okay to lie

1. If you want to be funny, you have to be able to lie. Being silly, exaggerating requires you to be imaginative that is beyond reality, beyond the truth.

2. You are not obligated to reveal your personal life story.

3. If you want to be friendly, you need to be able to lie. Sometimes, people just want an agreement. Sometimes, people just want your support. So if you are honest and you disagree with them, you could infuriate them. 

4. Don't take conversation with strangers so seriously. Being serious ruins the light and friendly mood. They are strangers and your job is to just be friendly. So look for ways to be friendly, not ways to be honest and serious.

5. It takes intelligence to be able to understand a joke. Being serious and honest is boring. Recognizing when someone is joking is fun.

6. To build rapport and be in sync with someone, you must be in agreement with them. So just open up your mind and accepting their style, you have to find a way to believe in them for that moment (even if you don't).

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