Make her happy without cost

Person A makes her happy by giving her a million dollar.

Person B makes her happy by telling her a joke.

Guess which she would rather sleep with? Person B.

Why? Because when she is aware he had to lose something like a million dollars for her to be happy, she can make the distinction between him and the cause. She knows what made her happy was the million dollars, not him. With Person B, since it did not cost him anything, she cannot, on an unconscious level, make a the distinction between the joke and him. So she can only conclude she is happy because of him. She then will associate her happiness with him.

Applying this concept, if you pay for an expensive dinner date, do not expect her to feel more attracted to you. But if you chose a great restaurant with good food, she will be more attracted to you. If you had a fun conversation during the dinner date, she will be more attracted to you. In the end, it is not the cost and sacrifice you put in that makes her attracted to you, it is the end result without the cost or sacrifice that makes her more attracted to you.

That is, the moment you show her cost or sacrifice, she will separate the cause from you.

Do not believe or act like sacrificing or giving something up is going make her attracted to you. 

If you are going to sacrifice like pay for dinner or show effort, do not even reveal it, it is indicator of low-value, weakness and she will be less attracted to you!

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