She does not want to be the prize

Although women do like to be wined and dined and treated like a trophy, this treatment is never a reason for attraction.

If she is the prize, then there is very little purpose for the relationship. Women want to be taken on adventure to see new worlds, not to see her own world.

To do that, a man must have a purpose far greater than serving her. With that purpose, you are inviting her into your world, so you and her can have an adventure.

She does not want to be the prize. She does not want to date a fan. She likes having fans, but fans are seen as beneath her. She cannot respect fans. She wants to be involved in achieving the prize that is far more important than her.

You need to live a lifestyle that has purpose and adventure far more important than seducing women.

Invite her into your world filled with adventure and purpose. Don't let her be your world.

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