Show affection everyday

As women get older and uglier, as women have babies causing her body to age faster, she needs to know that her husband will not leave her. To do so, you must show affection everyday whether by hug, kiss or cuddle.

She knows her body is wearing away. She knows men are mainly interest in a women for her looks. She believes she will not be loved by another man if her husband leaves her. She is afraid to be alone. She needs to know that her marriage and love has become much stronger than the material and superficial wealth that brought them together. She needs to see and hear it with genuine truth. She needs to know her husband is still proud to have her as a wife.

By showing affection everyday, she will feel secure and comfortable in realizing her marriage is healthy and that her husband has not lost interest in her. She will also be less likely to complain and be motivated to live.

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