Strangers and unfriendliness

The general attitude towards strangers is to keep your distance and do not talk to them as you do not know who they and what they will do.

Although this attitude is good to have if you are walking alone, at night, in an alley, this attitude will not allow you to meet and mingle.

In a social environment, the best attitude to have is to be friendly and everyone is your friend. Imagine if you are hosting a house party and some guest invited brought strangers, the last thing you do is keep your distance. The first thing you would do is be friendly to these strangers because you want them to feel welcomed and have a good time.

Similarly, in a night club or social gathering, your attitude should be friendly to strangers and assume everyone is your friend. There is no reason to be anti-social. By default, everyone always start off as strangers. Without the desire to meet and mingle, you never go step beyond strangers.

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