Superiority complex

Whenever you go to a night club, you will see some people who just walk around, with maybe a beer bottle on the hands. They may walk on the dance floor with their other male friends and then walk elsewhere. Then walk elsewhere like they are busy, but going nowhere. They don't talk to anybody and act distant, but cool. They keep a beer on their hands to keep theirs hand busy. They drink it every now and then, to keep their mouths busy.

Do NOT be this type of person. The truth is, these people are keeping busy because they do not have anything better to do. They are too scared to approach because they do not want to get rejected. So alternatively, they just end up walking around, acting cool, and everyone just ignores them. By the end of the night club, they end up going home alone.

In a social event, keep busy by meeting new people, talking to new people. Smile and mingle! That is the purpose and that will accomplish much more than walking, going nowhere.

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