The Good Life

How do you define what it means to live a good life? Do you even care to live a good life?

So let's assume for the purposes of communication, everyone wants to live a good life. Now, given that basic assumption, how do you measure what it means to have a good life?

1. Do you measure a good life based on things that happen to you? If so, have you ever done knowing full well good things will not come out of it? Such as being honest about a wrong you did just because it is the right thing to do? Have you donated or help someone knowing it will waste your time or money just because you want to see someone else better off? Have you ever sacrifice yourself like for your children or family just so they can be better off?

2. Do you measure the good life based on how much freedom and power your have? More freedom means more choices. More power means more freedom. More money means more power. Having arms and legs means your have more power than others who do not. Yet, there are those who fight for their rights like a in a war knowing and have lost their limbs. There are those who donate lots of money knowing full well they could use the money themselves. There are those who just want their equal share and nothing more.

3. Do you measure the good life based on acceptance, recognition and achievements? People cheat to beat others. People lie to get accepted and take advantage of others. But there are also those honest knowing full well, they not be liked for it. There are those who successful and humbly do not talk about it. There are also those who do good deeds and do not tell anyone. You may even be one of them. Good things do not have to happen to good people. Do not be depress because of it either. Good people do not need to have good things happen to them

What I am getting is the good life is not always measure by the things that happen to you. Eventually, what I am hoping you come to accept is that you actually have done things for others, for society, for the better of mankind. There is no need to be jealous, envious and compare yourself to others when you see someone else having better life. You choose to contribute because you want to. You do not always need to have good things happen to you. You do not need to be depress when terrible things happen to you. Life is not always about what happens to you. Life may just be about how much you can serve and contribute.

The life you want to live is your choice. And it will change. The life you choose to live does not always have to be fair, deserving, righteous, moral, ethical or successful. Live your life knowing full it is not always about what you can take out of it and what you can give into it.


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