The importance of leadership

Although not as important once your are in a serious relationship, leadership is, perhaps, the most important trait in seducing.

To lead one must be

1. Decisive - make decisions clear and simple that others can follow to benefit the team

2. Take initiative - Be proactive and take initiative to contribute

3. Influence - be commanding, not demanding.

4. Love - No one will listen to you if they realize your intent is self-serving and hurts team members

5. Competence - Leading the team in the right direction means you need to understand the situation

Leaders do not need to be assigned the role. People will naturally want you to lead once they see you earned it. Leaders are not managers. Leaders are the ones people come to for advice and assistance because they know leaders will provide direction and useful advice.

Females are naturally attracted to leader because it will give her comfort she is in the safest environment in comparison to followers.

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