Unconscious Temptations

When we are hungry and go grocery shopping, we will buy lots of unnecessary food and rationalize why we want to eat it. When we are angry, we may yell, get physical and harm and rationalize our behaviour as being ethical. When we get jealous or envious, we will hurt, cheat, lie, steal to get an advantage and rationalize why our behaviour is fair. When we find we like someone, we will rationalize why she or he is a good person and forgive or ignore her immoral acts.

If you were to ask a female what she finds attractive in a man. She may say honesty. She may say loyalty. She may say he is a nice guy. The reality is she is rationalizing to justify why she is attracted to him. There is already an unconscious temptation that is causing her to like him, but she may not be able to recognize it. This unconscious temptation will cause her to want to spend time with him, stare at him and get emotionally excited to be with him. By being so happy to be with him, she can easily ignore and forgive his immoral behaviour while rationalizing that he is indeed a good person.

Attraction is an unconscious act. However, due to our belief that we total in control of our behaviours and that humans behave in accordance to logical reasoning, we end up rationalizing our own behaviour based on our conscious understanding of our self-concept. 

The lesson learned, is that do not bother asking for reasons for her or his behaviour. She will rationalize it so that it will make sense for her, but it is not the true cause for her behaviour. To get the true cause for human behaviour, observe to see what she responds to. Female and male's unconscious temptations are revealed throughout these articles. Discovering the cause for human behaviour is a complex art that is mysterious, confusing and suspenseful. Enjoy the journey.

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