What a Tool cannot do

A Tool cannot

1. Lead:
Tools are followers. They are followers because they do not want to make a decision. Perhaps, it is because they want to give to other people's wants or perhaps they do not have a clue what they want.

2. Have their own opinion:
Tools do not have their own opinion. It is what makes them boring and they do not even realize it. They fear by having an opinion, they will judged and criticize. Instead, Tools will often just agree with you, thinking you will like them because of that. 

3. Take Risk:
Tools cannot take risk. They do not want to fail. They think by being a follower, they do not have to fail and put all the weight on you. It is not wonder people abuse Tools without feeling remorse or compassion. Tools compensate this by instead, offering resources like money, time and being used.

Tools have no personality, character or human connection. Although there are advantages of being a follower, not having an opinion and not taking risk and there are times to do so, these characteristics do not contribute to a relationship. It why Tools are frequently used and abused and lack compassion for.

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