Why some men are allowed more liberties than others

Have you ever had en experience where you would talk to a female friend, kept your distance and thought you were being respectful and treating her well. Then, out comes another male acquaintance who she did not know as well, she then greets him with a hug and kiss and he is pretty much allowed to touch her anywhere. You than think think to yourself why this new acquaintance who spends less time with her, treats her not as well as you do, and does not know her as long as you have, is allowed more liberties than you are!

The truth is women gives some men more liberties than other men. And it is not dependent on how long you have known her, how well you treat her or how much time you spend with her.

For women, when one man touches her, she sees it as groping. When a different man touches her in the same way, she sees it as comfort.

To be allowed more liberties from a women, you need to present yourself as the type of guy who does this for comforting, loving purposes, not for sexual, self-gratification purposes:

1.When you first meet a new target, you should kino by touching her in her back or back of her elbow. Those are the most accepted places to touch her.  By giving the first impression of kino, it becomes more acceptable to touch her in the future.

2. Women like hugs and kisses in form of comfort. So as long as you are doing it for comforting reasons, she would not feel you are groping her.

3. Women are ok when their father is closer and touches her for safety and protection. Be father figure, show high status and protect her for safety reasons. She will than want you to touch her because it makes her feel safe.

4. Make her feel special by touching her. If she feels special and you do not touch her, than she will think this is who you are and she will respect your personal space. If you make her feel and special and touch her at the same time, than she will think this is who you are and being close is acceptable and respectful.

5. Always present yourself as someone who is open, trustworthy and comfortable to be a around. Don't try to solve her problems. She is not looking for a solution. She is looking to be a female and she enjoys the problems she has. She is looking for someone to play along and comfort her like a child she would like to be. Those problems she has is allowing her to be like a child and letting someone else comfort her.

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