Why tactics don't work?

The first thing men do when they look for ways to pick up women is to look for tactics like what is the top 10 pickup lines? or what is the best things to topics about? or what is the best way to number close?

Eventually, these tactics wear off. Because if she heard it once, she will be interested, but if she hears it again, she would think you are just not being yourself.

The second problem with tactics is consistency. You may get lucky and deliver a tactic she never experience, but you won't be able to consistently deliver tactics that appears genuine and realistically you.

That is where principal comes in. Every tactic came from principals. Principals such as don't supplicate or be playful. By being playful, you will be able to come up with creative tactics that is genuinely consistent with who you are. Principals are much harder to learn, but in the end, it is only solution to achieving long last success.

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