You are a salesman

Let's use take a new model and role play a game.

You are a salesman and you looking to sell something. What are you looking to sell? Yourself.

So what would you say the key criteria to be a good salesman?

1. Numbers games. The more customers you approach, the more likely a customer will buy.

2. You need to approach with a positive attitude. No one one wants to be a approached by somebody grump and negative.

3. You need to believe in the product you are selling. If you do not believe in your product, then why would she. In fact, you need to believe you have the best product out there and nobody else is a better product.

4. Thick skinned. You have to be able to handle rejection if customers says no. You can't take things personally when a customer says no. You may even need to keep convincing her if she is close to accepting your offer. You will need to keep approaching with a positive attitude even if you get lots of rejections.

5. Don't compromise. You still need to make a profit. So if you compromise by paying her to use the product, then you are not really even selling. If you are begging her to buy, then clearly, it is not a good product. If you are bullying her to buy, she could charge you for harassment. So clearly, the best way to sell your product is to showcase its value and that it would be her loss not to accept it. If she does not accept your offer, you should be surprised because she is getting an amazing deal!

When it comes to flirting, you almost doing the samething. Unfortunately, when people get rejected, they take things personally and it affects their self-esteem such that they do not want to sell anymore. The idea is to balance this by minimizing any potential embarrassment such don't do it in public or don't do it with people you are going to see again and don't do it with friends. 

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