You cannot be bored

If you find yourself getting bored, especially when you are interacting, you need to offer a new idea. Change topics, lead her different spot. Getting bored is an opportunity killer. She will know and wonder why you keep interacting even if you are bored. She will then conclude you are desperate and cannot lead the interaction to more fun ideas.

She is not the prize. Do not be happy just helping her. She will know and that that is a turn off for her. You are there to lead and offer fun to anyone that follows. You can have fun with or without her.

Don't be pretend to have fun when you are really bored. Once again, she will know. Pretending to have fun is also a sign of desperation. You need to lead and find things you like do and talk about.

Having fun and enjoying your time with or without her is a turn on. She will get curious as to what you doing.

If you can only have fun when she is around, then you have become needy and approval seeking.

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