Your job as a lover...

Remember, you are NOT there to be her provider. That comes only after you know her and like her on a deeper level.

You are there to be her lover. To be her lover means your job is to turn her on. 

If you go too fast, she will think you are disgusting call you a jerk or a pervert.

If you go too slow, she will get impatient and lose interest. She will then label you as a nice guy or good friend.

From the time you meet her as strangers, to the time she get turned on, every move you make is for this purpose. If she smiles and feel comfortable with you, you are one step closer. 

If the interaction stalls, it will be hard to get it moving forward. You need to always be moving forward or backward. Do not allow the relationship to stay still for too long.

Similarly, for female to attract male, she doesn't focus on being a good wife, great cook and nurturing mother. She shows skin. She shows sexual features that turns a man on. 

There is no other way. 

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